Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be light.

Colorful image of a yellow daffodil surrounded by pink flowers with bokeh effect

title quoted by Yogi Bhajan 

As photographers we struggle to achieve a good LIGHT on things, and as yogis finding light and space within yourself and in your world is gonna be the ultimate aim too. Having recently started a daily yoga practice (just a newbie :) ) I am finding so many connections in the purposes of both photography and yoga. It’s all about light. One is through your eyes, the other through your whole body. The love is the same though :) So here are some images of tiny little things. Those are the best things xx

Pretty pink spring bloomsYellow daffodil and bokehYellow narcissus bloomWhite and pink hydrangea flowersHydrangea plant shot at shallow depth of fieldHydrangea leaf with sun flareHydrangea leaf in the sunlight

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