Bruton Street & Mayfair, London


Mayfair is by far my most favorite neighbourhood of London, I just can’t get over all the pictoresque houses and the colors ❤ Also, I dunno what is going on with people complaining about London weather, every single time I go there the sky ends up turning super deep blue each day, though for a while hehe xx. Enjoy the photos :) Have a g’day!!xx


Home landing – French Riviera from above Part 2

Faithieimages - aerial views Nice airport 032

Here is Part 2 of the images I had a chance to shoot while landing in Nice airport :)  I got SO excited that the sky was actually clear enough to take good pictures of the coast (and that I wasn’t too snoozy/jetlagged/hungry to even think of taking my camera out of the handbag as it usually happens hehe). The cute peninsular area should be Villefranche-sur-mer (I think), of which you can see more pictures here.

Window seat loving Part 1 is here

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Home landing – French Riviera from above Part 1

Faithieimages - aerial views Nice airport 001

Because who doesn’t love a window seat when you get to see how pretty the world looks from above? :) Here are the first images (out of a long series, part 2 is coming tomorrow) of landing back home on the French Riviera. I think the coastline looks amazing from the airplane ! Enjoy xx


Explore mode in London

Faithieimages - Chill mode in London 001

G’day !!! Here are some images from the first few days in beautiful central London (New Bond Street, Old Bond Street, Royal Arcade, Green Park and other streets in between). Had a chance to walk around for hours each day, averaging 5km per day according to the Charity Miles app that I try to keep almost always on (everyone should, it’s a pretty brilliant initiative), with a record of 8km the day all streets were suddenly blocked for the Prudential Race meaning a veeeery long detour to find my way back to the hotel ;) Tourist life hehe! Enjoy the pics :) xx