Exploring Sydney: ferry ride to Taronga

Sydney Harbour seen from Taronga's sky cable car

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – The day at Taronga zoo has been one of the absolute most fun and lovely day in my life and I highly recommend the experience to anyone having the chance to visit it when in Sydney. I am not a fun of zoos in general but this truly is a great wildlife park where animals live in their own environment with  space and freedom to be happy :) Plus, OF COURSE, you get to spend time with some awesome buddies like roos, koala, incredibly colorful birds and more. Even the ferry ride from Circular Quay to Taronga has provided me with a lot of great picture perfect landscapes to daydream of over and over again :) Enjoy xx

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Summer is a state of mind

JUAN LES PINS, FRENCH RIVIERA – Summer seems to never end this year in Southern France…. the warm golden sunlight was calling for some pics so there you go :) These were shot a few days ago in Juan Les Pins, with the camera in one hand and a Coco Loco cocktail (kinda like a pina colada) in the other …that’s what I call having good balance in life :P

Disclaimer: the shallow depth of field is intentional and not cause by the aforementioned cocktail. Don’t drink and drive but do drink (a bit) and photograph ;)Juan les Pins - Antibes beach at sunset

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Exploring London: the Big Ben (theory :P)

Dramatic Big Ben perspective

LONDON, UK – While the first time I saw the Big Ben in real life was on the DoubleDecker tourist bus (yes, really chasing photo opportunities in EVERY possible way :D), these are probably my fav images of it from this trip….thank you wind and fluffy clouds! Well, I actually kept walking around and around there for hours UNTIL a nice sky appeared, but that’s what photographers do, right? ;) Enjoy xxxx

[shot with Canon 6D, sigma 24mm 1.8, sigma 50mm 1.4, 70-300 Tamron USD VC]

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Loving Nature: Araliya beauty

White frangipani blooms

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – Missing these beautiful trees from Surfers Paradise and their lovely tropical scent now that I am back in the Northern Hemisphere.  I went on a serious chase to take all the possible pics of them and these are my favorite. Also, their petals are soft as a cloud :) Just seeing them makes me happy… I hope you are gonna share this feeling. Call them frangipani, plumeria or araliya…. they are just the best to me :) Which ones do you prefer, the pink or the white version? Enjoy the pics xx

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Exploring New York: details of the streets of Manhattan

Yellow taxis and tall buildings in New York

Oh the many contrasts of beautiful New York City! A photographer could get crazy trying to spot all the nice details all around (while walking in the busy crowd) … Here are some of my favorite combinations: red bricks and green leaves, man and nature :) Of course, you get never get enough lovely nature in your life to give you that balanced peaceful happiness so even in the middle of NY each single tree would deserve a picture (and a hug) :) xxx

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