St stephen Green


Moments in St Stephen Green park in central Dublin, just having fun with my camera :) Hardly any time to update the blog lately but you can see more on my Instagram if you like ;) Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Lights of NY

Lights of NY

New York by night, trying to stand as still as possible while everything is moving so fast all around, everybody with his own mission. Mine is to soak up all the beauty and energy surrounding me. Magic moments, in a city that shines day and night.

Lights of NYLights of NYLights of NYLights of NYLights of NYLights of NYLights of NY
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GEAR: Canon 6D + Sigma Art 24-105mm f/4 (best lens ever ❤)

Streets of New York


The beauty of New York City in early December! Love so many things about it, and of course strolling around the streets of Manhattan always feels pretty magical. I also got to try some handheld night shots this time (coming soon). In the meanwhile, here are some pictures from a nice little dusk time in the city, cloud reflection on the skyscrapers and all ❤