Queensland: fulfill your nature loving soul Part II

Surfers Paradise beach lifeguard hut 35

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND – Of course, the Part I of this post was only a tiny preview of the MANY Queensland loving photos that fill up my hard disk. Despite the places I have had the chance to visit afterwards, I am still obsessing over these pristine beaches and subtropical goodness more than anything :) There’s nothing like Australia, they say… for a reason ! :)

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Queensland: fulfill your nature loving soul

Queensland gorgeous natural landscapePlants and pines along the coast

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – The Sunshine State, doesn’t “only” have bright sunny skies and subtropical warmth to offer, I have found it to also be the ultimate destination for the real nature lovers (and treehuggers like yours truly :D ). The deep green of the plants, dark reddish brown of the land and golden tones from the sand can make a photographer go really really happy with this travel destination, and in some cases like mine … quite a little bit less happy about the amount of SD card storage available on hand. Pack wisely, you are gonna need more gigabytes than you think :P

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Exploring London: chasing the green ! (part II)

London's Green Park

LONDON, UK – This, too, is London ! As promised in the Part I, today I would like to take you for a little daydreaming moment of relax and nature appreciation by exploring a few green areas of London… its beautiful parks are the perfect places to get lost and forget the busy days, all while not leaving the city :) Exploring the neighborhoods is also an occasion not to be missed :) Enjoy xx

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Exploring London: chasing the green! (part I)

Flowers in the streets of London

LONDON, UK – One of my recurring habits while shooting pictures in a new place is, of course, collecting images of all the plants and flowers I happen to walk by, especially when I am in a urban environment. While LOVING the thrill of exploring a new city, I soon start to miss the nature’s touch… soooooo here is part I of London’s beautiful flowers and trees from my recent trip :) Coming next, visions of the city parks ;)

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