Sydney, Australia: the Bondi effect

Gorgeous weather in Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia I call it the Bondi effect. It’s that feeling that you have when you are travelling somewhere new and just happen to run into one of those places that make you realize what life really is about, so much that you never want to leave. Ever. The sense of freedom and overwhelming beauty that surrounds you is something a human being couldn’t ever forget. The energy and excitement of the place is just incredible and if you are the type of person who feels deeply connected to nature and is particularly sensitive to the beauty of majestic landscapes, then there is nothing like Australia for you.

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Tasmania Discovered

Kingston beach in Hobart Tasmania

After the images from Times Square, NY the next stop on the blog is Hobart, Tasmania! :) If like me you have boarded a 30+ hours flight from Europe to Australia and once landed you still feel like spending a couple more hours on a domestic flight, I recommend you head over to Tassie :) You’ll probably experience a whole new level of wilderness and will feel immersed in a little world in which nature looks pristine and mysterious, the skies are dramatically charming, the local birds are PINK (yeh, they are but no, they are not flamingos… Galahs are way cuter :P ) and you are gonna need to switch from your bikini to your winter jacket about 10 times per day according to the wind’s fun. More info on the ufficial site Discover Tasmania

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Times Square NY, summer days in the Big Apple

Sunny colorful Times Square

Loved Times Square under a perfect blue sky ! I visited NY in June and the weather was pretty perfect, I had a few overcast days for the mandatory moody urban pics and some bright blue skies to keep me happy :) My favorite places to eat (aka refilling with energy to walk some more and take more pictures) were the Rockefeller Café and a little place called Paris Baguette (as French resident I couldn’t ignore a place with such name :D ) for healthy little sandwiches on the go :) The ultimate best experience has been going on top of the Rockfeller centre to see a breathtaking view of the whole Manhattan and even the Statue of Liberty :) Enjoy the images xx

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Fireworks show: Festival d’art pyrotechnique Cannes 14 Juillet 2014

Here is the video I shot during the Bastille Day fireworks in Cannes, France ! They are part of the city’s Festival d’art pyrotechnique with many dates and a public prize’s winner, this was the performance by the Italian team Morsani Pirotecnica. Hope you enjoy the video! I certainly enjoyed taking it from the 3.14 Hotel Beach :) it was simply awesome!

Cannes bay by night, playing with long exposures

Esterel and the bay of Cannes in a night long exposure

Cannes beaches are an awesome long exposure playground, even more so on Bastille Day (July 14th) when you also get to watch a great fireworks show :) Of course, I shot a video of the fireworks and it’s coming online soon! xx

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Gold Coast, Australia


A few images from Gold Coast, Australia ! Loved the style of those houses, must be pretty lovely to live there and have your little boat and jetty next to your front door :) life at the tropics ! (fine, subtropics). Also, meet my new ozzy friend, mr Waterdragon :) you would guess he lives on insects but the tourists there were actually feeding him on chips HAHA he got good taste for food I guess :) Continue reading “Gold Coast, Australia”