City of Nice

Nice's Place Massena

NICE, FRANCE – After the posts about Nice’s beach and the newly build green spine Promenade du Paillon, it’s time to get lost wandering around the city’s pretty streets, in particular the famous (and spectacular) Place Masséna.

I can’t get over the colourfulness of its buildings …they’re so bold! :)

On a blue sky day like this, you are gonna have to tone down the saturation or nobody is gonna believe it’s true :)

For an addict to colours like me, this is wonderland :D

All photos taken with Canon 6D + Sigma ART 24-105mm

The fountain in Nice's Place MassenaColorful buildings in Nice

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La Promenade du Paillon à Nice

Jardins du Paillon

NICE, FRANCE – A few days ago I had the chance to go visit the city’s newly built “green spine” called Promenade du Paillon. It features exotic plants from all 5 continents, fountains, water games and a generally high amount of natural goodness all around. All of this paired with the typical blue sky and sunshine… I’m in love :)

The variety of trees and plants is incredible, I’ll share a few favorites below :) Hope you’ll enjoy this little ‘visual’ walk through these beautiful gardens :) xx

Water games in the Jardins du Paillon in NiceAll images shot with Canon 6D + Sigma ART 24-105mm

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Bienvenue à Nice :)

The gorgeous beach of Nice, France

NICE, FRANCE – Today I want to show you one of my favorite places in Europe, probably n°1 for me: Nice :)

Why should you fall in love with it?

This beautiful Mediterranean city is blessed with the most incredible teal colored seaside (which is pretty unique for the French Riviera where usually the water is a deeper indigo blue) with white pebbles beaches, huge gardens such as a newly built “green spine” throughout its central area and also features plenty of bold coloured streets and buildings (more posts coming soon ;) ).

Now it’s time to visit its pastel coloured beaches and have a little week-end relax ;)

All images shot with Canon 6D + 24-105 Sigma ART

Nice, French Rivera

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Sunset dream in Sydney Circular Quay

Dreaming of that day back in Sydney Circular Quay (aka the best place on Earth to me) during a late afternoon walk from the Opera House to Pitt Street. Loved to admire the (very warm) sun setting between the skyscrapers and creating lovely rays of light on the bay :)

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