Manly Beach, Sydney :)

Sailing boat in Manly bay in Sydney Australia

Manly Beach in Sydney is the first Aussie beach I have ever been to :) it has been a pretty epic moment for me and I will always consider Manly as “my” Australian beach. When I was there it was (supposed to be) winter but the weather was warm and lovely and feeling more similar to a European spring than a real winter … nature is beautiful down under !Enjoy :) xx
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Souvenir shopping – London and NY edition :)

souvenir shopping from london and victoria's secret new yorkTravel souvenirs are one big weakness for me :) you know the feeling that it is NOW OR NEVER? I tend to quite always go for the now :)
These are a few things from a recent trip to NY and London :)
Little Guardsman plush and red bus pencil case from a cute Glorious Britain shop at Heathrow airport, Big apple and Statue of Liberty singlets from Victoria’s Secret 5th Avenue NY :) Crazy NY Taxi pen from JFK Hudson Bookshop at Duty Free
(pic taken with a Galaxy S4)

NY on Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock

Absolutely loved the experience on Top of the Rockefeller Center in NY :) You can go up the building with an elevator that takes about 43 secs to go from ground level to the 70th floor (!) and enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, with Central Park, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and even the Statue of Liberty clearly visible :)
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“When I’m in New York….

48th Street road sign in Manhattan New York
…I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie.” ~Ryan Adams

I’m back from a short 4 days photo trip in NYC ! It was my first time in the USA, which makes me extremely happy to say I have now been to Europe, Australia, Asia AND America :) (At this stage I start feeling I should add a Cape Town trip to the travel wishlist to see a bit of Africa too :) )  So these are the first few pics of the streets of NYC that I have walked along these days :) The last day I was about to jump on the doubledecker bus to make sure I visited all the most important sites across the Downtown and Uptown Manhattan but when I read their guide I realised I had already walked across all the streets the bus goes to ….. so I think, a good traveller just KEEPS WALKING :)

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