Monaco Aquarium Pt. 1

Faithieimages - Monaco Aquarium Musée Océanographique Pt.1 001

Here is Pt. 1 of the pictures from the gorgeous Musée Océanographique in Monaco, which I totally loved. It is pretty incredible to see how many colors there are under the sea. I won’t ever forget the first time I saw a reproduction of the great barrier reef and its wildlife at the Sea Life in Sydney and I still find it amazing each time I get to visit an aquarium. Enjoy the pics! Part 2 is coming on Wednesday and you can also see my previous posts from the same location here:

Sharks in Monaco

Meeting the seaturtles

Mesmerising Jellyfish


Gold Coast nights part 1

A mix of images of the shining lights of Gold Coast during (very) warm summer nights….absolutely LOVE this place

All images handheld (due to checked luggage weight allowance forcing me to choose between bringing a 3kg tripod OR 3kg of summer dresses and bikinis to Australia, ha! :D ) with Canon 6D + Sigma ART 24-105mm f/4 @12800 ISO