Mayfair, picture perfect streets of London

Beautiful houses in Mayfair, London with the typical black cab

Mayfair (as in Mayfair, London …not the Instagram filter :D) is such a perfect area to take your camera for a walk :) Battery charged, SD emptied, get ready for so many good looking and interesting details  it is gonna occupy quite a few hours of your time before you feel like leaving it :) I chose to take these pics with a 50mm 1.4 lens to add a little bit of dreamy effect to these already shamelessly pretty streets :) Hope you enjoy xx

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Exploring Paris: memories from the Tour Eiffel and Trocadero

Empty benches in the Trocadero gardens and beautiful Tour Eiffel view

After all the many London appreciation posts, here is a bit of romance for all the Paris lovers out there :) It’s been a loooong while since I have been there but I still like to look back at the pictures from those days. Is there a thing as too many Tour Eiffel shots? Judging from the archives it’s not even a concept :) Enjoy xx

Bus ans street crossing in front of the Tour Eiffel in Paris, France

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Exploring London: Trafalgar Square day 2

Streets near trafalgar square

And here it is ! Second day of the Trafalgar Square loving :) (see day 1)

As you can see, either summer in London is always awesome or I have been very lucky with the blue skies on my trip :D How about you? What is your favorite area of London if you have been there, or the thing you are the most eager to see when you will visit? xx

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Exploring London: Trafalgar Square day 1

London National Gallery with the temporary blue rooster sculpture

I have SO many pictues of Trafalgar Square! (yes, more … many more than in this blog post only, there is gonna be a part 2) :) I found it one of the most interesting and nice places to stay around while in London, it just vibrates energy to me with all those people moving around going places as well as the students and tourists just chilling on the stairs and around the fountain :) Also, I have been inside the National Gallery (which is FREE and was packed with visitors) and it has been pretty mindblowing. Apparently photography is now allowed inside of it in most areas but I just couldn’t convince myself to shoot inside, I guess I am too used to the kind of museum in which they want to kill you if they see you pointing a camera at something eheh. But I do think it’s a very good idea to let people freely take images and share some art online/with friends etc. What do you think? Hope you enjoy the pics :) xxx

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Late summer vibes in Cannes: from the Croisette to the Casino

The Croisette at dusk

Calling all summer lovers who just don’t want the new season to sets in to come to the French Riviera ! :) Here are some images of yesterday’s dusk along the Croisette…. so hot it really doesn’t feel like September at all and the beaches seem to be pretty packed with tourists. Really appreciate this last taste of summer by the seaside after spending the holidays discovering some (awesomely pretty) cities like New York and London ! The world is beautiful xx

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Home is not a place, it’s a feeling

Shining Sydney Opera House by night, with ferry light trails

… but the view of Sydney Opera House by night can easily make me feel at home :) I mean, just look at it….. doesn’t it make you feel so happy? :D I’m in love :P

(title quoted from C. Ahern)

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