Aussie buddies :) the birdies in Sydney

Lorikket bird up a tree in Sydney, Australia

Colorful parrots, lorikeets, rosellas, kookaburras… they are EVERYWHERE in Sydney and they just look so wonderful :)
These pics feature some australian king parrots and kookaburras. A rainbow lorikeet also came stealing some of our chips that same day but I couldn’t manage to take a picture of him unfortunately cause… well cause of the chips :) next time :)

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Flowers are a girl’s best friends

Close-up of red dianthus flowers
Always excited to find a new sort of flowers that I have never taken pictures of before :) Trying to find uncommon plants to take photos of is quite of a fun mission :) My recent favorites are surely the Aussie Bottlebrush which I happened to see both in Sydney and France and these red buddies which I came across for the first time yesterday :) What about you? Which is your favorite type of flowers to buy or receive?

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