Home landing – French Riviera from above Part 2

Faithieimages - aerial views Nice airport 032

Here is Part 2 of the images I had a chance to shoot while landing in Nice airport :)  I got SO excited that the sky was actually clear enough to take good pictures of the coast (and that I wasn’t too snoozy/jetlagged/hungry to even think of taking my camera out of the handbag as it usually happens hehe). The cute peninsular area should be Villefranche-sur-mer (I think), of which you can see more pictures here.

Window seat loving Part 1 is here

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Home landing – French Riviera from above Part 1

Faithieimages - aerial views Nice airport 001

Because who doesn’t love a window seat when you get to see how pretty the world looks from above? :) Here are the first images (out of a long series, part 2 is coming tomorrow) of landing back home on the French Riviera. I think the coastline looks amazing from the airplane ! Enjoy xx



Villefranche-sur-mer by Faithieimages

Sometimes you just feel like getting in your car and drive around to discover new places. Last Friday it was one of those days. I got to see so many cute little towns by the seaside whose names I have heard many times but without ever taking the time to actually go there and take a look around. It’s pretty lovely when a place feels new and familiar at the same time. So! This is how Villefranche-sur-mer looks like. Bienvenue.


NCE-LDN window seat

NCE-LHR window seat by Faithieimages 01 (1)

Some snaps from the plane on the Nice-London route :) I don’t normally post window seat photos because this is pretty much the only situation in which I use a compact camera instead of the DSLR (they’re mainly for personal memories anyway) but hey…when the weather looks so good I can’t help but wanting to share :) I love that moment where you get to see French and English shores so close to each other in the same image :)


Beau Rivage in Nice (and a little Tilt-shift fun)

Relaxed moments at the beach in Nice enjoying a peaceful autumn breeze and the sunset light :)

Also tested out some tilt-shift filters in Photoshop CC for fun :) Feedback welcomed :D