Bruton Street & Mayfair, London


Mayfair is by far my most favorite neighbourhood of London, I just can’t get over all the pictoresque houses and the colors ❤ Also, I dunno what is going on with people complaining about London weather, every single time I go there the sky ends up turning super deep blue each day, though for a while hehe xx. Enjoy the photos :) Have a g’day!!xx


Royal red

Royal red by Faithieimages 01

It’s pretty fun to walk around London and notice how much the city loves the color red in all small and big details, and for many iconic objects around the streets (like the famous phone boxes and mailboxes). So here are a few color themed images from my first ever trip to London a while ago (a place that now feels so familiar). Have a good day :)


NCE-LDN window seat

NCE-LHR window seat by Faithieimages 01 (1)

Some snaps from the plane on the Nice-London route :) I don’t normally post window seat photos because this is pretty much the only situation in which I use a compact camera instead of the DSLR (they’re mainly for personal memories anyway) but hey…when the weather looks so good I can’t help but wanting to share :) I love that moment where you get to see French and English shores so close to each other in the same image :)