5th Avenue NY (Part 1)


Walking along 5th Avenue NY and surroundings :) Quite a few interesting photo-worthy details around, was so much fun! :D

Part 2 is coming soon ;)

(Images shot with Canon 6D and 50mm 1.4 and hardly a millisecond to stop while walking :P while in NY you better learn to be FAST)

Nice Masséna

One of the most iconic areas of Nice, Place Masséna. Personally, I am a great fan of those zen style statues who are perpetually sitting and staring at the beauty all around them :) (and they also shine of different colors by night, definitely the kind of modern art everybody can easily fall in love with :D)


Standing in front of your dreams

Photographer girl aka me standing alone in front of the steps of the Opera House in Sydney

Shooting the Sydney Opera House with hardly any people there…. priceless !

I was seriously surprised of having the Opera House all for myself in this (extremely short) moment without any crowd.

The fact that there were approximately 500° C under the sunlight might have had something to do with it but to me this moment was just perfect :) SYDNEY I LOVE YOU

Exploring London: Trafalgar Square day 2

Streets near trafalgar square

And here it is ! Second day of the Trafalgar Square loving :) (see day 1)

As you can see, either summer in London is always awesome or I have been very lucky with the blue skies on my trip :D How about you? What is your favorite area of London if you have been there, or the thing you are the most eager to see when you will visit? xx

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