Aussie buddies :) more friends from downunder

Wildlife road sign

SO after the compulsory pics of roos and koalas, here are the images of some less famous animals that I met in Aussie :)

Tasmanian devilSmall tasmanian devil drinking water
Mister Tasmanian Devil was actually pretty cute in my opinion compared to how I would have thought :)
Crown pigeon bird in Sydney
This blue bird whose name I forgot, anyone knows?

sweet looking Quokka, also called the happiest animal on Earth
This quokka was one of my absolute favorite creature from downunder :) it’s often called the happiest animal in the world and I kinda would like to adopt one for my garden :)
A rare tree kangaroo
A very rare tree kangaroo !
A couple of lorikeetsLorikeet up a tree
Annnnnd after mentioning I couldn’t find any lorikeets pics I actually came across these two (terrible quality) iphone images…. please forgive the noise and resolution, it still counts as a good memory to me :)
Great barrier reef reproduction in Sealife Aquarium, Sydney
And of course….. NEMOOOOO where are you?? :)

Images taken with Canon 60D + tamron 70-300VC

for Aussie birdies head over here !

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