Souvenir shopping – London and NY edition :)

souvenir shopping from london and victoria's secret new yorkTravel souvenirs are one big weakness for me :) you know the feeling that it is NOW OR NEVER? I tend to quite always go for the now :)
These are a few things from a recent trip to NY and London :)
Little Guardsman plush and red bus pencil case from a cute Glorious Britain shop at Heathrow airport, Big apple and Statue of Liberty singlets from Victoria’s Secret 5th Avenue NY :) Crazy NY Taxi pen from JFK Hudson Bookshop at Duty Free
(pic taken with a Galaxy S4)

2 thoughts on “Souvenir shopping – London and NY edition :)

  1. I’m the complete opposite – I hardly ever buy souvenirs!! Mostly because the stuff that I want are usually too big/bulky to bring back. I did get three (yes, really!) brass lanterns when I went to Morocco, but my partner put his foot down to the two reindeer skin rugs I wanted to buy from Norway…


    1. haha ! :D :D I agree with the bulky souvenir problems ! That’s why I often buy souvenirs in the duty free shops at the airport when my luggage has already been checked and sent away and the security controls with only 2 handbags are already done :) nobody is ever against you buying a few extra things at duty free just before boarding ;) But yeh, I had to walk away from a seriously funny Nessie plush too cause it was just TOO BIG so I know how you feel :)


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