Bondi Calling Part 1


As winter starts in Europe, I can’t stop thinking about how Sydney and Bondi Beach looked like the first time I visited during the Australian winter…. so there you go ! Get ready, it’s gonna be a very Bondi-full week on the blog ;) Love xx


Sydney, Australia: the Bondi effect

Gorgeous weather in Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia I call it the Bondi effect. It’s that feeling that you have when you are travelling somewhere new and just happen to run into one of those places that make you realize what life really is about, so much that you never want to leave. Ever. The sense of freedom and overwhelming beauty that surrounds you is something a human being couldn’t ever forget. The energy and excitement of the place is just incredible and if you are the type of person who feels deeply connected to nature and is particularly sensitive to the beauty of majestic landscapes, then there is nothing like Australia for you.

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