Summer is a state of mind

JUAN LES PINS, FRENCH RIVIERA – Summer seems to never end this year in Southern France…. the warm golden sunlight was calling for some pics so there you go :) These were shot a few days ago in Juan Les Pins, with the camera in one hand and a Coco Loco cocktail (kinda like a pina colada) in the other …that’s what I call having good balance in life :P

Disclaimer: the shallow depth of field is intentional and not cause by the aforementioned cocktail. Don’t drink and drive but do drink (a bit) and photograph ;)Juan les Pins - Antibes beach at sunset

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Mayfair, picture perfect streets of London

Beautiful houses in Mayfair, London with the typical black cab

Mayfair (as in Mayfair, London …not the Instagram filter :D) is such a perfect area to take your camera for a walk :) Battery charged, SD emptied, get ready for so many good looking and interesting details  it is gonna occupy quite a few hours of your time before you feel like leaving it :) I chose to take these pics with a 50mm 1.4 lens to add a little bit of dreamy effect to these already shamelessly pretty streets :) Hope you enjoy xx

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Lens fun: 50mm 1,4

Gotta love shooting at 1,4 aperture ! Who doesn’t love a good prime lens to play with shallow depth of field? :) This post is dedicated to my love for 50 mm lenses. I normally shoot Canon, but I chose the (more expensive) Sigma version of the 50mm 1,4 cause according to some online review I read it has less chromatic aberration (the worst enemy ! haha). Been using this lens for 2 years now and it has definitely been the best lens purchase ever. What is your favorite lens to shoot with? And the one you use the most? Continue reading “Lens fun: 50mm 1,4”