Queensland: fulfill your nature loving soul

Queensland gorgeous natural landscapePlants and pines along the coast

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – The Sunshine State, doesn’t “only” have bright sunny skies and subtropical warmth to offer, I have found it to also be the ultimate destination for the real nature lovers (and treehuggers like yours truly :D ). The deep green of the plants, dark reddish brown of the land and golden tones from the sand can make a photographer go really really happy with this travel destination, and in some cases like mine … quite a little bit less happy about the amount of SD card storage available on hand. Pack wisely, you are gonna need more gigabytes than you think :P

Walking along the seaside in Surfers ParadiseLifeguard hut and car patrolling the beachThe beach in Surfers ParadiseSunset tones on the Pacific OceanLines of treesQueensland naturePanorama of the South Pacific Ocean in Gold CoastTaking it all in

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