Sydney Royal Botanic Garden: part 1

Glorious golden light with sun shining behind a tree in Sydney Royal Botanics Gardens

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Walking around the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney at golden hour is so dreamy and interesting. You’ll see lots of local trees and plants that are not very commonly found overseas: from gum trees to bottlebrush, to huge ferns and special varieties of tropical palm trees from QLD, to the incredibly prehistoric-looking half-fallen tree below in the photos. The atmosphere is of course as laid back as you would expect it to be from an Australian city park :) I especially loved the contrast between the wild-looking nature and the skyscrapers in the background that seems to pop up all the time while walking along. Add to this the beautiful golden tones of a powerful ozzy sun (powerful even at dusk) and here it is :) My recipe for a traveller’s dream exploration of the city park ! xx

Vibrant green leavesSydney CBD seen from the Royal Botanic GardensTrees and the city, Sydney versionAncient trees in the parkTropical palm treesSucculent bushes with flowersPretty gazebos in the GardensSun shining bright among the trees and buildingsAwesome large green areas to relax in the middle of the city centre in SydneyPrehistorical fallen treeImpressive ancient treeRed hibiscus about to bloomSmall hibiscus flowerGolden hour in Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

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