Welcome to the jungle, lush Aussie edition 1/2

Queensland nature tropical jungle lush

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – As some of you might already know, I am a hopeless treehugging, flower crazy, green-addict kind of person. What is better than walking among lush rainforest, and jungle-looking areas of Queensland? I’ll let you judge :) Some of these images were shot around Gold Coast, others at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which I highly recommand visiting both for the plants and for the (ridiculously cute) animals. If any of you knows the names of the less common plants pictured here please leave a comment, I’ll be happy to learn more about it :)

All Images shot with Canon 6D + Sigma Art 24-105  Editing: Adobe Camera Raw

Jungle berries

Click for more :) Ruffled fan palm treeExotic jungle scene with plenty of palm treesAmazing Queensland nature and pondsAustralia's wild sidejungle berries 2pink bougainvillea in the sunshineCurrumbin Wildlife SanctuaryWalking in Currumbin Wildlife SanctuaryAustralian Wattlegrassmore exotic treesSunshine in the jungleAustralian bush landscapeAwesome tall and ancient trees

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