Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Koala looking cosy up a treeCURRUMBIN, QUEENSLAND – I am finally able to share the images from our Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary experience ! :) if you wanna go absolutely crazy at some of the cutest and funniest creatures on Earth (and a few scary ones so that you can forever be able to casually mention OH yep, that time I was standing “close” to a crocodile in Australia… :P ), then this is the place for you to visit for sure :) I have also been to Taronga in Sydney before and I loved that a lot too, even though I would probably say Currumbin would be my favorite because the area is wider and more jungle’y, far from the city. The animals seems to be enjoying a very good enviromnent of freedom, tropical goodness and some serious relax, while being looked after by loving park rangers :)

NOTE: this is going to be a long post :D

you can also see my previous Aussie animals photos here

koala eating eucalyptus leaves

Koalas loving life up the treesthe snoozer and the awake onehairy-nosed wombet in QueenslandThe WOMBAT ! I am obsessed by how cute and funny he is at the same time :DCute chubby hairy-nosed wombatClose-up of the wombat faceColorful green parrotsMulticoloured pidgeon Beautiful birdies….Red-tailed black cockatoo A red-tailed black cockatoo, aka the Spirit Bird in one of the most enchanting songs in history by Xavier RuddKangaroo with joey's paws off the pouch Meeting and cuddling the roos !!LOVE !Relaxing Kangaroo lifeRoo lying in the grass

Australian dingoAustralian Dingo :)

Huge lizardLizards of all sortsA big red kangarooBig red kangaroo hiding in the bush

Cute little wallabyCute little wallaby…Wallaby jumpying off a tall branchEnjoying jumpying from ridiculously highCurious Kangaroo joeyAustralian crocodilesThere they are ! Authentic Australian crocodiles !! :D Salt Water crocs in this casecrocs giving a friendly look Such sweet eyes :D hahacrocodile in the water Can you spot him in the water? swimming crocodile in a pond in Queenslandyet another QLD crocodileNow let’s go meeting another super friendly guy…a rare cassowary The Cassowary, apparently the most dangerous bird on Earth… of course he would have to be in Australia Tree kangaroo going out for lunch Little Mister Tree Kangaroo…so funny the way he was moving around reminded me of the cartoon Marsupilami I used to watch as a kid in France, anyone remembers??

Inquisitive Tasmanian devil Tassie devil, you can’t tell from this picture but he was moving like crazy all the timeturtles Turtles :)Group of koalasAnnnnd to finish our visit at Currumbin, another little moment looking at the koalas…. #treehuggers forever!Couple of koalas eating leaves

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