City of Nice

Nice's Place Massena

NICE, FRANCE – After the posts about Nice’s beach and the newly build green spine Promenade du Paillon, it’s time to get lost wandering around the city’s pretty streets, in particular the famous (and spectacular) Place Masséna.

I can’t get over the colourfulness of its buildings …they’re so bold! :)

On a blue sky day like this, you are gonna have to tone down the saturation or nobody is gonna believe it’s true :)

For an addict to colours like me, this is wonderland :D

All photos taken with Canon 6D + Sigma ART 24-105mm

The fountain in Nice's Place MassenaColorful buildings in Nice

Nice's city centreThe beautiful Place Massena in NiceDetail of the Place Massena's fountainColorful buildings in Southern FranceDetail of Nice city centreSunny day in Nice, FranceNice's red buildingsThe Galeries Lafayette building in Nice, FranceArchitecture in Nice, French RivieraClose-up of the Galeries Lafayette in NiceColorful streets of NiceDetail of Nice's typical architectureStreets of NiceDetails of the streets of NicePalm trees along the streets of NiceThe Hotel de Ville in Nice, FrancePicture perfect streets in Nice, FranceAnd when you don’t feel too much in “city mood”…..The Beach in Nice, Promenade des AnglaisThe famous Promenade des Anglais in Nice, South of France

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