Moments from New York


Back from New York with tired feet, happy spirit and an overflowing amount of photos. The joy! Starbucks coffees have been drunk, healthy restaurants tested, gym enjoyed, tourist bus taken, a surprising (almost funny) amount of km walked down and an extra checked bag filled up!


Each time I go back to this city I love it a little bit more. I wonder if it’s just me. New York seems to become more and more interesting each time I visit.


We stayed in a new hotel in Midtown which was great, they even had yoga mats in every room, a very safe way to reach my heart ♡


As a side note, B&H was closed when I went there without checking the opening hours in advance (because…aren’t all NY shops open 24/7??) so this can only mean the New York story is…to be continued! See you soon crazy Manhattan :)

(yes, more photos are coming)

Happy weekend! :)

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