Exploring London: the Big Ben (theory :P)

Dramatic Big Ben perspective

LONDON, UK – While the first time I saw the Big Ben in real life was on the DoubleDecker tourist bus (yes, really chasing photo opportunities in EVERY possible way :D), these are probably my fav images of it from this trip….thank you wind and fluffy clouds! Well, I actually kept walking around and around there for hours UNTIL a nice sky appeared, but that’s what photographers do, right? ;) Enjoy xxxx

[shot with Canon 6D, sigma 24mm 1.8, sigma 50mm 1.4, 70-300 Tamron USD VC]

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So this is London! :)

Parliament House, Westminster and the Big Ben

Strangely enough, this has been my first time visiting London…despite having been at Heathrow for connections A LOT of times. I finally compensated with a long holiday allowing me to discover so much of it. The charm of the city instantly got me and I came home with many great memories and quite a few souvenir buys too (well, you know me :D ). I am so happy of having tons of new pictures to share that I literally don’t know where to start from, so let’s begin with my favorite moment … the walk to the Big Ben :) Yes, because I walked to go pretty much everywhere except for the Shard building which was too far away from my place (panoramic pictures coming soon) and for taking a doubledecker bus the first day cause I was too excited to be there and it has been super fun. For all the rest of the time, the good traveller WALKS to places … it’s the best way to make sure you are not missing anything along the way in my opinion. Also, at the end of the day you really deserve that fish and chips. So here are my first London pics for the blog :) You might have already seen some on instagram and if you follow me there (@faithiephotography) you know there is so much more to come :) Enjoy xx

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