Théoule-sur-mer Part 3

Bonjour :) Here are the latest images for the third post of the mini series dedicated to Théoule-sur-mer. I am so in love with this place and truly hope I managed to show why there is so much to love about it through these (many) photos :)

If you missed it, here is Part 1 and Part 2 :)

Bonjour :) Voici les photos de la troisième partie de ma petite série dédiée à Théoule-sur-mer. J’adore cet endroit et j’espère avoir réussi à vous montrer pourquoi à travers ces (nombreuses) photos. :)

Si vous les avez manquées, voilà la Première et la Deuxième Partie :)


A tree hugger’s heaven

Honestly feel like hugging those trees one by one :) **heart eyes**

Franchement, ça me donne envie de les embrasser tous ces arbres là :)

Shot in Mandelieu La Napoule (Cote d’Azur) with Canon 6D+ Sigma Art 24-105mm


Mandelieu La Napoule September Sunshine Beach Photoshoot

So…. I loved spending the day at the beach in Mandelieu :) Now that September is here, the area is much less crowded than during the “ufficial” summer months but the weather is still super nice and warm. It all makes it the ideal moment to snap some pictures. I was there in the late afternoon near dusk time because, of course, I was looking to get a sweet and romantic light :D

J’ai adoré ma journée passée à la plage de Mandelieu :) Nous sommes tout juste en début Septembre et il y a déjà BEAUCOUP moins de monde que pendant la période “officielle” de vacances mais le temps est encore tout à fait agréable et estival. Ces clichés ont été pris dans l’après-midi et au coucher du soleil parce que, oui, j’aime avoir une lumière douce et romantique :D


Rockefeller Center: a day up and around the top of the rock

Rockefeller Center in New YorkAfter having shared the photos from my experience up the 70th floor of the Top of the Rock in NY in a previous post (see link and collage :D), here are some images of the Rockefeller Center Square and the beautiful streets nearby :) For those of you who are looking for a new angle to take pics of the famous Radio City Music Hall, there are some wide windows at the entrance of the Rockefeller Center that are perfect to tick off another thing from your photography bucket list of NY :) Also, I am not so much of a sweet tooth generally, but I had the lemon cheesecake of my life at the Rockefeller Café in that nice outdoor area near the fountains that you can see in the pic above…. highly recommended ! :) Enjoy xx

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