Sydney Harbour

Faithieimages - Sydney Harbour 001

Sydney Harbour a.k.a. the most ridiculously gorgeous place to be in whole big world :) and no, I am not even exaggerating, there simply are no words for that place ! Also, you get a whole new consciousness of just how big the world is when you have to travel across it all to reach Aussie hehe. But it’s so worth it .


Gold Coast nights part 1

A mix of images of the shining lights of Gold Coast during (very) warm summer nights….absolutely LOVE this place

All images handheld (due to checked luggage weight allowance forcing me to choose between bringing a 3kg tripod OR 3kg of summer dresses and bikinis to Australia, ha! :D ) with Canon 6D + Sigma ART 24-105mm f/4 @12800 ISO