Little Miss Ladybug


There are so many ladybugs around these days, it’s pretty incredible! :)  Here are some images from a little lady that happened to be chilling on one of my succulent plants in a moment where I could get my camera in time ;) Feeling very into macro photography again (not that I ever stopped actually…but you gotta be able to find good subjects first).These were shot with Canon 6D + Tokina 100 f/2.8 Macro on manual (obviously). I’ve tried other macro lenses before (including Canon’s) but I find this one to be the absolute best one to have a single crisp detail surrounded by the dreamy bokeh all photographers dream of achieving. What do you think of the macro lenses you tried? Any fave?


Fresh tropical charm

Callistemon flower growing

My attempt at growing a Callistemon (Australian bottle brush) tree on the Cote d’Azur is going really well :) It’s a very easy plant to take care of and it is gonna bring a touch of tropics into your home :) Also, if you’re into macro photography it is clearly a very good looking subject, like mother nature’s version of fireworks :)

Mon tentative de faire pousser un petit arbre de Callistemon (bizarrement appelé aussi “rince-bouteille” d’Australie) sur la Côte d’Azur est en train d’être un succès :) C’est très facile de prendre soin de cette plante, qui va apporter une touche de tropique chez vous :) D’ailleurs, si vous êtes passionnés de photographie macro, elle pourra devenir un sujet assez intéressant pour vos clichés. C’est un peu comme des feux d’artifice version nature, je trouve :)

All images shot with Canon 6D + Tokina 100 macro

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Loving Nature: Araliya beauty

White frangipani blooms

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – Missing these beautiful trees from Surfers Paradise and their lovely tropical scent now that I am back in the Northern Hemisphere.  I went on a serious chase to take all the possible pics of them and these are my favorite. Also, their petals are soft as a cloud :) Just seeing them makes me happy… I hope you are gonna share this feeling. Call them frangipani, plumeria or araliya…. they are just the best to me :) Which ones do you prefer, the pink or the white version? Enjoy the pics xx

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