Gold Coast nights part 1

A mix of images of the shining lights of Gold Coast during (very) warm summer nights….absolutely LOVE this place

All images handheld (due to checked luggage weight allowance forcing me to choose between bringing a 3kg tripod OR 3kg of summer dresses and bikinis to Australia, ha! :D ) with Canon 6D + Sigma ART 24-105mm f/4 @12800 ISO


Young and free as QLD

A glimpse from a little walk on a tropical beach with hardly any people, during a gently overcast sunset…it makes you feel so free and helps reconnecting with the majestic yet simple beauty of nature :)

This is Surfers Paradise, Queensland!


A breeze of fresh Pacific Ocean air

Surfers Paradise beachSURFERS PARADISE, AUSTRALIA – The sand between your toes, a tropical sky above your head, pacific ocean’s waves crashing next to you and a wide endless empty beach to walk on for hours…… breathe it all in!

Les pieds dans la sable, un ciel tropical au dessus de vous, les vagues de l’Océan Pacifique qui s’écrasent à côté et une plage immense et sans fin sur laquelle marcher pendant des heures et des heures….. respirez!

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Main Beach, QLD lifestyle

MAIN BEACH, QLD – These are a few mixed images from sunkissed tropical-scented summer walks around the Main Beach area of Gold Coast, Australia :) You gotta love the relaxedness the place inspires, with all those cute line-up houses surrounded by the most vibrant and gorgeous trees. Oh yeh, and the skyscrapers too. And the crazily blue skies. AND the frangipanis! :)

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