Sydney Bay ferry rides


Sydney’s gorgeous little bays as seen from the ferry :) I love my ferry rides across different areas of the city, they’re a very fun and  enjoyable way to appreciate the beauty of Sydney from another point of view :) Oh, and they go FAST!


Home away from home


Another post from what is probably my favorite place in the whooooole biiiiig world, Circular Quay and the Opera House in Sydney :) Yes, I do take a bazillion pictures of it each time I happen to be there but I just can’t help it… honestly each second in this city always feel so vibrant and exciting **heart eyes**

Sunset dream in Sydney Circular Quay

Dreaming of that day back in Sydney Circular Quay (aka the best place on Earth to me) during a late afternoon walk from the Opera House to Pitt Street. Loved to admire the (very warm) sun setting between the skyscrapers and creating lovely rays of light on the bay :)

detail of the top of the Opera House with sunset light reflectionsClick for more :) Continue reading “Sunset dream in Sydney Circular Quay”