Wandering in Cannes, la Pantiero and the Palais des Festivals

Film camera sculpture in Cannes

CANNES, FRANCE – Here is another area of Cannes not to be missed: the Pantiero esplanade and (of course) the Palais des Festivals. Everything around here looks even more magical thanks to all the beautiful trees and flower arrangements as well as the typical Mediterranean sunlight making everything shine in pretty pastel tones :)

Voici un autre endroit incontournable à visiter à Cannes: l’esplanade de la Pantiero et (bien sûr) le Palais des Festival et des Congrès. Le tout rendu encore plus magique par les beaux arbres et fleurs tout autour ainsi que par la typique lumière du soleil Méditerranéen qui nous fait cadeaux d’une belle palette de tons pastels :) 

All photos shot with Canon 6D + Sigma ART 24-105

Wandering in Cannes part 1

Wandering in Cannes part 2

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Exploring NYC: in love with every urban detail

street of New York

NEW YORK, NY – Almost 6 months have gone by since my trip to New York and I simply can’t get over all the interesting details in every street. I keep reopening the archive and looking for more pics to edit, as with time going by every photo of New York seems to acquire a special meaning to me :) I have always been extremely curious to go and see what it really was all about and now with the Christmas season approaching (with NY being the set of about 90% of all the Christmas movies…) it’s time to watch Serendipity over and over again :P This year though, it is different to watch it because for the first time I have actually been there :) xx

The Big Bus tour of Manhattan

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