Exploring New York: on a walk to the Top of the Rock!

New York 7th Avenue  with vintage glossy magazine edit

NEW YORK, NY – That day on Top of the Rock!! :) For me, possibly the best experience in NY has been to go up the Rockefeller Center (the Empire State Building would do too) to see the view of the entire city from above… so crazy and charming! :) You can hear all the noises from the traffic, construction work, etc echoing up there, pretty funny… I wasn’t expecting this :) It really makes you think of how many people are out there doing their jobs, or rushing around, meeting someone, spending time with friends, …. so many lives, events and dreams intertwined among the streets of NY! xx

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Exploring London: Trafalgar Square day 1

London National Gallery with the temporary blue rooster sculpture

I have SO many pictues of Trafalgar Square! (yes, more … many more than in this blog post only, there is gonna be a part 2) :) I found it one of the most interesting and nice places to stay around while in London, it just vibrates energy to me with all those people moving around going places as well as the students and tourists just chilling on the stairs and around the fountain :) Also, I have been inside the National Gallery (which is FREE and was packed with visitors) and it has been pretty mindblowing. Apparently photography is now allowed inside of it in most areas but I just couldn’t convince myself to shoot inside, I guess I am too used to the kind of museum in which they want to kill you if they see you pointing a camera at something eheh. But I do think it’s a very good idea to let people freely take images and share some art online/with friends etc. What do you think? Hope you enjoy the pics :) xxx

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Home is not a place, it’s a feeling

Shining Sydney Opera House by night, with ferry light trails

… but the view of Sydney Opera House by night can easily make me feel at home :) I mean, just look at it….. doesn’t it make you feel so happy? :D I’m in love :P

(title quoted from C. Ahern)

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Times Square NY, summer days in the Big Apple

Sunny colorful Times Square

Loved Times Square under a perfect blue sky ! I visited NY in June and the weather was pretty perfect, I had a few overcast days for the mandatory moody urban pics and some bright blue skies to keep me happy :) My favorite places to eat (aka refilling with energy to walk some more and take more pictures) were the Rockefeller Café and a little place called Paris Baguette (as French resident I couldn’t ignore a place with such name :D ) for healthy little sandwiches on the go :) The ultimate best experience has been going on top of the Rockfeller centre to see a breathtaking view of the whole Manhattan and even the Statue of Liberty :) Enjoy the images xx

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