Bienvenue à Nice :)

The gorgeous beach of Nice, France

NICE, FRANCE – Today I want to show you one of my favorite places in Europe, probably n°1 for me: Nice :)

Why should you fall in love with it?

This beautiful Mediterranean city is blessed with the most incredible teal colored seaside (which is pretty unique for the French Riviera where usually the water is a deeper indigo blue) with white pebbles beaches, huge gardens such as a newly built “green spine” throughout its central area and also features plenty of bold coloured streets and buildings (more posts coming soon ;) ).

Now it’s time to visit its pastel coloured beaches and have a little week-end relax ;)

All images shot with Canon 6D + 24-105 Sigma ART

Nice, French Rivera

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Welcome to the jungle, lush Aussie edition 1/2

Queensland nature tropical jungle lush

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – As some of you might already know, I am a hopeless treehugging, flower crazy, green-addict kind of person. What is better than walking among lush rainforest, and jungle-looking areas of Queensland? I’ll let you judge :) Some of these images were shot around Gold Coast, others at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which I highly recommand visiting both for the plants and for the (ridiculously cute) animals. If any of you knows the names of the less common plants pictured here please leave a comment, I’ll be happy to learn more about it :)

All Images shot with Canon 6D + Sigma Art 24-105  Editing: Adobe Camera Raw

Jungle berries

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Part 2 Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens :)

Viewfinder overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Part 2 of the lovely walk along Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens :) You can read more about it in the Part 1 here. Enjoy xx

Walking in the Gardens

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Another trip downunder !

The majestic Sydney Opera House

SYDNEY & GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – Yes !! I am back after a whole month of travel in beautiful Aussie…. again ! (I know…. Australiaholic). Can’t wait to have the time to upload many new images from the trip in NSW and QLD, I am now facing the embarrassing amount of 4435 photos to edit and it’s gonna be a challenge to even do anything else but photoshop for the next few weeks :) I hope all of you guys had a wonderful start to 2015, let’s make it a year of peace and fun and love and travel for everybody! xx

Here is a little preview of what’s coming next on the blog :)

more on instagram :)

Harbour Bridge at dusk

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So this is London! :)

Parliament House, Westminster and the Big Ben

Strangely enough, this has been my first time visiting London…despite having been at Heathrow for connections A LOT of times. I finally compensated with a long holiday allowing me to discover so much of it. The charm of the city instantly got me and I came home with many great memories and quite a few souvenir buys too (well, you know me :D ). I am so happy of having tons of new pictures to share that I literally don’t know where to start from, so let’s begin with my favorite moment … the walk to the Big Ben :) Yes, because I walked to go pretty much everywhere except for the Shard building which was too far away from my place (panoramic pictures coming soon) and for taking a doubledecker bus the first day cause I was too excited to be there and it has been super fun. For all the rest of the time, the good traveller WALKS to places … it’s the best way to make sure you are not missing anything along the way in my opinion. Also, at the end of the day you really deserve that fish and chips. So here are my first London pics for the blog :) You might have already seen some on instagram and if you follow me there (@faithiephotography) you know there is so much more to come :) Enjoy xx

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